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“Wedding season” for many of us typically kicks off in the springtime with engagement season and extends through winter with bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and finally the big day. Planning a wedding alone can seem like a daunting task— but there are ways to make it easier on you! In this blog post, we’re going to explore how you can plan a wedding from start to finish.

What to Think About when Picking a Venue

The importance of picking the perfect venue for your wedding cannot be overstated. Make sure that the venue fits your needs and budget. Consider the location, size, and any supporting services you might need. Think about whether you want an indoor or outdoor ceremony, how many guests will be attending, your theme, and other important details.

Food and Catering

For the food and catering, you will have to decide whether to hire a professional caterer or prepare the food yourself. If you want to go with a caterer, make sure that your expectations for the menu are realistic. Some people might be so stressed about the wedding that they don’t have time to cook. Guests should not have to worry about their dietary restrictions on your big day.

Guest List Planning

The guest list is one of the most important aspects to planning a wedding. It’s also one of the few things that you can’t change. Planning your guest list starts with deciding how many people you want to invite and then figuring out who should be on your list. It’s usually best to leave your partner out of this decision and ask him or her separately what their opinions are about the topic.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

The dress shopping process has the potential to be a really stressful experience. It’s important not to rush and make sure that you’re making decisions about this important purchase for the right reasons.

Buyers should consider how they will feel in the gown, how it will look on their body shape, and how it will fit in with their wedding theme.

Your style is another important factor. You should ask yourself what kinds of dresses you like before you get started with looking at the racks of dresses nearest to you.

Wedding Invitation Wording

It can be hard to make a decision about what to include in your wedding invitation. It’s important to tailor your wording to the event and the guest list. Your invitation should include information about the reception, ceremony, dress code, and any other relevant details. Don’t forget to say when and where you will be getting married!


Wedding planning can be difficult, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make. Planning your event with a wedding planner is not only beneficial for the bride but also for the parents of the bride, as they may need to delegate some of their responsibilities in order to focus on what matters most. Lourie Lodge may be the perfect wedding venue for your special day. Contact us now to secure your booking on your special day.

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